Call for Book Chapters

Call for Book Chapters (To appear in CRC Press (Taylor & Francis Group), New York, USA)

1.  The Book Theme and contents include, but are not limited to the following:

 User-Centric and Information-Centric Networking and Services
          Access Networks and Emerging Perspectives
  1.     User-Centric Networking (UCN)
      • Types of Users and Connectivity models
      • User Centric Switching and Load Balancing
      • Resource Allocation in UCN
      • Cognitive and Cooperative Communications Using UCN
      • Security and Privacy in UCN
      • UCN in Mobile and Wireless Networks
      • UCN Applications and Services
  2.     Information-Centric Networking (ICN)
      • ICN Design and Connectivity Models
      • Naming and Addressing in ICN
      • Content-Centric Networking
      • Service-Centric Networking
      • Cognitive Communications Using ICN
      • ICN in Mobile and Wireless Networks
      • ICN Applications and Services
  3.     Device-Centric Networking (DCN)
      • Stationary and Mobile Device-centric Attributes
      • Address-Centric Networking
      • Device-Centric Interfaces
      • Device to Device Communication
      • Machine to Machine Communications
      • Resource and Energy Constraints in DCN
      • Cognitive Communications Using DCN
      • DCN in Mobile and Wireless Networks
      • DCN Applications and Services
  4.     Storage-Centric Networking (SCN)
      • Storage Systems and Sub-storage Systems
      • PAN, LAN and MAN based Storage-Centric Systems
      • Intelligent Storage Systems and Storage Virtualization
      • Cognitive Communications Using SCN
      • SCN in Mobile and Wireless Networks
      • SCN Applications and Services
  5.     Cloud-Centric Networking (CCN)
      • Cloud-Centric Design and Connectivity Models
      • Multi-Cloud Networking
      • Virtualization in CCN
      • Resource Sharing and Mobility Models in CCN
      • Cognitive Communications Using CCN
      • CCN in Mobile and Wireless Networks
      • CCN Applications and Services
  6.     Internet of Things (IoT)-Centric Networking (IoTN)
      • IoT in UCN and ICN
      • IoT in DCN and SCN
      • IoT in CCN
      • Resource Constraints in IoTCN
      • Cognitive Communications Using IoTN
      • IoTCN in Mobile and Wireless Networks
      • IoTCN Applications and Services
  7.     Management of Centric Systems
  8.     Services and Applications of Centric Systems
      • Business Models and Services
      • Case Study
        • UCN and ICN in Social Networking
        • UCN and ICN in Health Care Applications
        • UCN and ICN in Real-time Applications
        • UCN and ICN in Engineering and Technology Applications
        • UCN and ICN in E-Commerce and M-Commerce

2.  Table of Contents with Sub-sections to be submitted

3.  Full Chapter with Table of Contents may kindly be submitted. Authors are requested to send their full chapter with EMERGING FIELDS relevant to the Book Theme. Authors chapter proposal to be original and unpublished work. 

4.  CRC Press (Taylor & Francis Group), New York, USA has ACCEPTED the Book Proposal  (NEW)

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